Hardin ECOEDGE Variable Depth Router Edge Guide w/o Router / Polisher (HD-ECO)

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Hardin ECOEDGE Variable Depth Router Edge Guide w/o Router / Polisher (HD-ECO). The HARDIN Eco-Edge router will transform most standard stone polishers and grinders into amazingly easy to use and portable granite and stone routers. Use your current wet or dry handheld grinder, air powered or electric. This unit will fit many popular constant and variable speed grinders and wet polishers. The router was designed to fill the need for an affordable, compact, powerful, fully adjustable portable router for profiling and polishing the edges of granite and stone up to 4cm.

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This router is the lightest hydro float router available. The light weight design prevents the tool from catching processed stone and grinding it into the top surface under its own weight. The hydro float base also incorporates specifically engineered waterways that flush out processed stone so you wont have to worry about this tool leaving unwanted scratches on the stone surface. Considerable emphasis is placed on the lubrication of the diamond tooling. Special water delivery jets are strategically placed within the hydro float base; these jets deliver an abundance of vital coolant directly to the entire diamond bit and grinding area. The ECOEDGE (HD-ECO) router also incorporates an adjustable water feed tube for additional lubrication. Larger routers often need to be shipped back to the manufacturer for repair if the unit fails or the motor needs to be replaced. With out moving parts to break, there is no need to worry about days or even weeks of down time, just change the broken grinder and your back in business.


  • The Eco-Edge uses standard M10 router bits
  • The Eco-Edge can fit any standard polisher / grinder that have 5/8-11 arbor
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