1. Grinder / Polisher

    In its range of grinders and polishers, Hardin combines versatile performance with portability. Hardin polishers and grinders are constructed of sturdy materials and hence feature rugged build and

  2. Cleaning Gun

    Introducing Hardin Cleaning Gun that works with your air compressor to blast cleaning solution into crevices you can't reach by hand. It packs the ability to clean various materials including carpe

  3. Diamond Router

    Now create true professional edges on granite and concrete with the Hardin professional diamond profile router. Utilizing the industry standard M10 arbor system, the Hardin router is compatible wit

  4. Burnisher / Sander

    With Hardin Burnisher/Sander, professionals can finish and polish stainless steel for commercial kitchen and lab equipment. It features overload protection which ensures a long service life and com

  5. Pipe Polisher

    Hardin presents pipe polisher which is a must have for metal working professionals. From sanding welds on rounded pipes and surfaces to polishing stainless steel railings or marine tube work the Ha

  6. Grinder / Polisher Accessories

    To complement your Hardin tools and equipment and to take productivity to its peak, Hardin offers a wide range of accessories for it's grinders and polishers. These accessories are desgined and eng

  7. Diamond Grinder / Polisher Kits

    When professional craftsmen are looking to go all in and have all the performance and bells and whistles in their possession, Hardin's range of Diamond grinder/polisher kits offers them a great dis

  8. Wire Stripper

    With Hardin Wire Stripper now remove the insulation from most cables and wires allowing you to get premium scrap prices. Independently adjustable blade and rollers allow this stripper to accommodat

  9. Melting Furnaces

    Hardin furnaces are constructed with class leading industrial heating elements which is globally regarded as the finest material to make furnaces. These furnaces can accomplish a range of jobs incl

  10. Micro Torches

    Hardin's premium micro torch is a light weight precision tool perfect for many tasks including jewelry design and repair work, opticians tasks, electronics, glass work, model making, plumbing, meta

  11. Router Accessories

    Professional handymen can now complement their craft of woodworking with Hardin's premium variety of router accessories that are designed to get everything just right. Manufactured to the benchmark

  12. Oil Pumps

    Suitable for the extraction of oil fuel from outdoor power equipment, cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, marine engines, stationary engines and other machinery, Hardin oil extraction pumps are

  13. Drill Stands

    Hardin presents a range of high quality drill stands that are precision crafted with adjustable table and drill heights so you can extend the capabilities of your drill by adding to the versatility

  14. Rotary Tool Accessories

    Make your rotary tools more versatile and extract additional productivity out of them with Hardin's finest range of rotary tool accessories. Featuring high quality build, contemporary manufacturing st

  15. Vita-Mix Parts and Accessories

    Now keep your Vita Mix blenders, nutrition centers and drink machines running with Hardin's range of premium quality replacement parts and accessories. These are the products that are designed to f

  16. Electric Planer

    Featuring fully machined aluminum base and well-balanced blade drum for accuracy along with a powerful motor, Hardin's electric planer never disappoints when it comes to sheer performance and relia